Nightlife and festivals

Nightlife in Agios Nikolaos

The most famous Cafes, Bars and Clubs are located around the lake of Aghios Nikolaos, in the city center and along the coastal road in front of the port.

There, one can be entertained by listening to music and dancing until the morning.

In Kitroplateia square one can find a variety of taverns to drink ouzo and eat “mezedes”.

Crete Has The Liveliest Nightlife Of All The Greek Islands

There is a wide variety of entertainment choices, for all tastes and all ages, from wild
parties to traditional evenings with Cretan music and dances.

Summer in Crete and Greece means “tables outside”: The guests meet the local people and everyone joins the party. After the sunset, people start gathering in “ouzo shops” and “taverns” (which are usually next to the sea or have a view to the sea) to enjoy “tsikoudia” (traditional local drink) or ouzo and special snacks.

The night continues in various music halls, discos, clubs, bars, “bouzouki” or “Cretan Lira” places (halls with live Greek or Cretan music) in the beautiful narrow streets or at the coastal zone of the island until the morning.

For those who want something more relaxed, there are various art festivals and cultural events, like theatre performances, concerts with any kind of music and dance and summer cinemas.


Traditional Festivals in Lassithi

  • The three Prelates, 30/1 in Psihro Lasithiou
  • Saint George, 23/4. In Skalia close to village Sitanos
  • Saint John the Theologian, 8/5. In Marmaketo
  • Holy Trinity, 4/6. Palaikastro and Holy Trinity Church
  • Holy Trinity, 4/6. Armenoi/Sitia
  • Saints Kosmas and Damianos, 1/7. Mesa Lasithaki. Panlasithian feast
  • Saint Marina, 17/7. In Exo Mouliana, in Myrsini and Praissos
  • Prophet Elias, 20/7. In Mesa Mouliana
  • Saint Paraskevi, 26/7. In Ziros, in Tourtouloi and in Agia Triada
  • St Panteleeimon, 27/7. In Roussa Ekklisia, in Chamezi and in Skinokapsala
  • Transfiguration of Christ at the Mt Thabor 6/8. In Exo Mouliana, in Agios Stefanos and in Zakros
  • Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven Eve,14/8. In Maronia
  • Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven, 15/8. In Palaikastro, Lastros, Piskokefalo, Tourloti, Sitanos
  • Saint John, 29/8. In Ziros
  • Saint John the Baptist 29/8. In Dafni
  • Nativity of the Blesses Virgin Mary, 8/9. In Lithines
  • Holy Cross, 14/9. In Sfaka
  • Saint Sofia, 17/9. Armenoi/Sitia
  • Saint Ariadni, 18/9, Tzermiado. The only church under that name in Crete
  • Saint Catherine, 25/11. In Sitia
  • Saint Anna, 9/12. in Piskokefalo